Our Projects

Some examples on how we’ve helped to make a difference

SRI lanka projects

Rebuilding a devastated community and more

After the devastation of the Tsunami Disaster in 2004 many families in poor rural villages were left displaced… the homes wrecked, their livelihood (mostly fishing gear) destroyed. Mountain of mercy from 2005 – 2018 carried out projects that included purchasing of crafted boats/engines/fishing nets and building of homes which now place several poor people into a place to live.
We have now completed in access of 800 water wells in various locations of Sri lanka and continue to do so. The demand for water wells if forever growing and with your donations we continue to fulfil the most basic of human needs.

Sri lanka – Medical clinic

Providing support for the most vulnerable

In 2012 a medical clinic which is now a hospital was built in the town of Puttalam.
Doctors of Puttalam town donated a building to Puttalam Urbal council. Over time this building had become very dilapidated and due to the crumbling structure of the building the council was unable to provide all the necessary services.
Liasing with the Urban Council, Mountain Of Mercy extended its helping hand to construct a spacious building with 6 rooms sufficient not only to function as a ‘maternity and child clinic’ but also as the place where the people of Puttalam seek all types of Western and indigenous medical treatments. The Department of Provincial Health assisted the council by engaging 3 Medical officers and 3 family Health Workers (Midwives).
In addition there are also 3 health volunteers to facilitate the activities in the centre, The Department of Health Services conduct the following programmes on a regular basis at the clinic.

A number of other projects within the region including the building of many water wells as well as a brand-new medical centre.

Shelter for shaam

Jordan February 2022 Appeal

Along with homes for poor families, Mountain of Mercy volunteers will be distributing much needed family food hampers in the month of February 2022

For £30 a family will receive the following items:
Family Food Hamper

  • Sugar 5kg
  • Oil 1.8l
  • Rice 5kg
  • Lentils
  • Magi 24pcs
  • Tea bags 100
  • Milk 400g
  • Beans, Hummus
  • Tomatoe Paste
  • Macaroni 200g
  • Noodle’s 200g

Please kindly donate through the link on the webpage and reference SHAAM FOOD PACKS’.

‘Kindness is a wonderful way of letting another struggling soul know there is still love in this world’

Bangladesh projects

During the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, Mountain of Mercy helped to distribute food packs for the underprivileged in Bangladesh who’d be most affected by the societal impacts of the virus. This emergency food distribution allowed many to “Stay at home, Safe from CoVid” who’d otherwise may have flouted quarantine rules with no other options.

In 2015 Mountain Of Mercy handed out over 50 Rickshaws to men with families who would have otherwise paid a large amount of their measly wage as rent for the vehicle.

Since 2017 Mountain of Mercy has been building wells in rural areas of the Satkhira district. A necessity that many of us take for granted but for millions of people world wide a day to day struggle to find clean drinking water. To date we have built over 200 wells which has benefited a great amount of people.

Mountain of Mercy has also been working towards constructing and renovating mosques within the Satkhira district of Bangladesh.

Mountain of Mercy is currently working on a project to provide boats to the underprivileged. This project is in the southern part of the Satkhira district where many people depend on fishing on the river. The aim of the project is that the fishermen will be owners of their own boats rather than having to take out loans with high interest rates, and who will be able to earn USD 100+ a month.

Mosque projects

Masjid constructed for sadaqa e Jaria of Rashida Banu Meman. Located in Khalisabunia, Sathkira District Bangladesh

One of the dreams of Late Rashida Banu was to help the needy and contribute towards a place of worship, for those who had no where to go for peace and solace. It has been a great please for Mountain Of Mercy to complete this project.

Another in construction, Masjid e Ali in  ‘Gazna Dakhinpara’

Masjid Sajida Bint Dawood. This mosque is also located in the Sathkira District of Bangladesh.

Dumoria Tarafderbari Jame Mosque partially built and under renovation for the Sadaqa e Jaria of Mohammed Ashraf Arbi.

Masjid Al Hajj Ibrahim located in Gambia

Masjid Hafiz Sohel. Built in Gambia on behalf of the late Hafiz Sohel.

Rohingya crisis

Mountain of Mercy, having visited the Rohingya camps, have carried out a housing project which sheltered 100 families

Mountain Of Mercy was part of a large flotilla delivering 1,00 tonnes of aid including food, medical aid, tent. The project was successfully carried out in February 2017.

Horn of Africa food distribution

Horn of Africa During the month of Ramadhan 2011 Mountain Of Mercy distributed 60 tonnes of food parcel to the poor in the Horn of Africa. Mountain Of mercy visited the dadhab camps and distributed the parcels with the aid of locals.

Kenya clean water tanker project 2021

Syrian Refugee Crisis

Refugees in Europe 2015 project was carried out by Mountain Of Mercy. A convoy left London with a van full of aid which included blankets, sanitation needs, clothes, this was then handed out in Austria.